About Us


Welcome to Barkin’ Bones Bakery!!

We are a small, family owned business based in Stuart, Florida.

What’s our story?

Our Bakery was officially born in March 2011. However, we have been baking for our four legged kids since early 2007.

In 2007, Darren, our Beagle, became very ill after consuming tainted commercial dog treats (remember, that’s when all of the major pet food recalls started!). This made us question the integrity of pet food companies. What is in the food? What is in the treats? We became “label readers”. The more we read, the more conscious we became.  The amount of fillers, preservatives, and artificial flavors (just to name a few) were staggering!  We could not believe what we were feeding our pups!

After nursing our boy back to health, we began making our own treats. Word caught on and soon family, friends, and co-workers were asking to purchase our cookies and treats. The rest is history!

At Barkin’ Bones Bakery, all cookies and treats are hand rolled and hand cut. They are baked in our own kitchen, always in small batches, and fresh to order!

What makes us unique:

  • Our ingredients are carefully selected and minimally processed. This results in products that are 100% human grade which are held to the highest of quality standards.
  • We only use Organic Oat Flour as the base for our Oven Baked Dog Cookies and Treats.
  • Whenever possible, we obtain our ingredients from local farms who practice sustainable agriculture.
  • We use as many organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • What you will NEVER find in our cookies and treats: corn or wheat products, soy, sugar, salt, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.
  • In addition to our meticulous choosing of ingredients, we also ensure that we have a lesser impact on the environment.  Our packaging containers are made from renewable plastic made from corn.